Training: "Strengthening Respect for Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Turkey-V", 2-4 June 2007


The second training of the project "Strengthening the Respect for Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Turkey", conducted by Istanbul Bilgi University Human Rights Law Research Center and supported by Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, held in 2-4 Haziran 2007 in Antalya for lawyers of the Bars located in the Egean, Meditterranean and Southeast Anatloina regions.

The participants were from: Adana Bar, Antalya Bar, Ayfon Bar, Eskişehir Bar, Hatay Bar, Isparta Bar, İzmir Bar, Kahramanmaraş Bar, Kütahya Bar, Manisa Bar, Mersin Bar, Osmaniye Sport Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities, Antalya Alti Nokta Association for the Blind, Burdur Association for Handicapped, Izmir World Association for Persons with Disabilities, Izmir Autism Association, Izmir Spina Bifida Association, Amnesty International Turkey, Kahramanmaras Association for the Blind, Gaziantep Association for Persons with Disabilities and Association for Persons with Disabilities (Antakya and Mardin).

The training lasted three days. Presentations regarding the standards set out in United Nations, Council of Europe and the European Union are preceded by an introduction to international human rights law. The second day was mostly devoted to the discussion of Turkish legislation on certain problematic areas, namely discrimination, labour law and social security. 

The local experts were selected by Bilgi University and the international expert was selected by RWI. The local experts were Dr. Idil Isil GUL (Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law),  Assoc. Prof. Gulsevil ALPAGUT (Istanbul University Faculty of Law), and Mr.Turhan ICLI (Head of the Alti Nokta Association for the Blind – Lawyer). The international expert was Mr. Olivier de Schutter.

The compilation was also available in braille for blind participants.  

Please contact with Project Coordinator Asst. Prof. Dr. Idil Isil Gul at or Project Assistant Seda Peker at for more information.

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