"Guidebook on Artistic Freedom of Expression" is published, 10 March 2016

Human Rights Law Research Center and Siyah Bant Initiative published "Guidebook on the Artistic Freedom of Expression" (in Turkish) providing recommendations to artists and art institutions on legal remedies in cases of violation of artistic freedom of expression. 

The guidebook written by Asst. Prof. Dr. Ulaş Karan from İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law and Pelin Başaran from Siyah Bant Initiative consists of two parts: The first part, “Legal Background” explains the definition and scope of the artistic freedom of expression and gives an outline of relevant national and international legal instruments.  The second part of the guidebook, “Practical Information and Recommendations” summarizes real life cases of censorship and ways to follow when such cases occur.  Some of the cases highlighted in the guidebook are; investigation carried out by the public prosecutor on an art work or event, arbitrary interference by the law enforcement officers (police, gendarmerie or municipal forces) to an art event, arbitrary rejection of a fund application made to the Ministry of Culture or other public institutions. The guidebook ends with recommendations on how to conduct longer term combat in the field of freedom of artistic expression, how to join advocacy work and contact information of national and international organizations to apply in case of a violation. 

The guidebook which was prepared with the intention of contributing to the protection and improvement of freedom of artistic expression of artists and art institutions in Turkey is supported by the Consulate General of Sweden and the European Union in the scope of Sivil Düşün Programme.

The information on how to reach the printed version of the guidebook can be attained on the web site of Siyah Bant

Please click to download the guidebook (in Turkish)


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